Olympic Moments That Went Viral

Published on August 21, 2018
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Iconic Moments

Nowadays, it only takes a few second’s clip for someone’s world to change. Especially for athletes, who are often in the spotlight already with cameras are always around. Thus, these are the life changing moments that the world couldn’t get enough of! From inspirational to shocking and everything in between, these moments left us with our jaws on the floor.

The argument about “too much exposure” has been running rampant for decades. With the internet at our fingertips, and social media becoming a means of connecting (while disconnecting) with the world far beyond our reach, we have to wonder just how much privacy we truly have. For athletes and other public figures, it’s par for the course that cameras will be at their every turn. Be it on the pitch or during their private time, these stars are never truly out of the cameras’ view.

These photographers have either intentionally or haphazardly managed to capture some of the most remarkable photographs from the sports arena. Some of these pictures are truly awesome and breathtaking, but there are others that will take away your breath for totally different reasons. From synchronized swimming teams to ping pong players, from sprinters to cyclists, and ballerinas to baseball buffs, these are all worthy of making an appearance in the “perfectly timed sports pictures” hall of fame.

Of course there are those claims that some of the images we see are photoshopped. The claim is especially strong when it comes to pictures that will encourage consumers to buy into the stories, like in the case of magazine covers and newspapers’ front pages. What we can assure you is that all of the pictures in this gallery are real as ever; none of them have been touched up or manipulated in any way.

Many of these athletes and Olympians believed that if they trained hard enough and put in their best efforts, the world would remember them for their athletic talents. Little did they know, the world may just remember them for just a tiny moment, perhaps, unrelated to their performance. From a tiny warm up routine to a mysterious injury of a teammate, these athletes went down in history. Since those moments, their lives have completely changed.

Allison Stokke

Though she may not be an Olympian, everyone could not stop hearing about Allison Stokke the pole vaulter. Photographed at a high school competition in 2007 by a sports journalist, her photo went viral. She instantly became an unwanted sex symbol. Though, she felt the unwarranted photos and media bombardment were demeaning, she ended up reclaiming her image.

Allison Stokke1

Allison Stokke