‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ Is The Best New Show For Kids

Published on June 8, 2021

After endless months of virtual school or almost no learning at all, a lot of kids (and parents!) are totally burned out. While a lot of school are returning to in-person learning, that’s not the case everywhere.

Still, now more than ever, kids are spending a lot more time in front of the screen and consuming more content on Netflix than before. Why not expose them to a show that is truly worthwhile, educational, and super fun to watch?

Kids Get Involved With Experiements

Kids Get Involved With Experiements

Emily’s Wonder Lab is a STEM show for children that’s now streaming on Netflix. Its host Emily Calandrelli is also the executive producer of the show. The short episodes of the show are engaging enough to hold young kid’s attention that is education but is still so fun to watch.

Every episode has a different theme and Emily leads a group of kids in an experiment. She has the kids ask questions in order to prompt them to think about the problem at hand in different ways. This way kids come to their own hypothesis and conclusions. The best part is that it’s very clear that everyone is having so much fun.

Emily's Wonder Lab

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Emily’s personality is incredible as she’s bubbly, energetic, and fun. Her “wonder lab” is a scientific and colorful fantasy land where kids can explore fun experiments that include explosions, walking across eggs, and swimming in a huge pool of glitter slime. Isn’t that the dream?

So who is Emily Calandrelli? She’s an MIT engineer who has also worked with NASA who is a featured correspondent on Billy Nye Saves the World. She is also the executive producer and host of Xploration Outer Space on FOX. That’s a pretty impressive resume, and on top of that, she’s been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Emily also has an active social media presence, sharing experiments on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, so your kids can keep up with her while on the go. If that wasn’t enough, she has also given three TED Talks. How amazing is she?

The Show Gets Kids Excited About Science

The Show Gets Kids Excited About Science

But that’s not enough for our girl Emily. She has also written a series of kids books called the Ada Lovelace Adventures, which is named for mathematician and engineer Ada Lovelace.

In an interview with Moms.com, Emily shared: “I think that kids today need more science than ever before. I think the society that we live in, in general is just becoming more technologically advanced. And that technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, right, that in order for us to keep up, we need the next generation to be more scientifically literate than we were.”

She knows that representation is important. She said: “When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of female role models and science to look up to. It’s just hard to not be able to see yourself in this field that you find interesting.”

Emily is a mom to a baby daughter as well, so she knows how important it is to represent women in science. Emily actually filmed the show while pregnant with her daughter! She said in a Facebook post:

“I’m just…so incredibly proud that my daughter will be able to watch this someday. When I was studying to become an engineer, I was one of 2 or 3 women in classrooms of 50 men. I’m hoping shows like this help change that demographic for her generation. For many years I pitched science shows to large science networks and was unsuccessful. I would receive the feedback that ‘the majority of our audience is male, so we just don’t know if they’d relate to a female host.’”

Emily Was Pregnant While Making The Show

Emily Was Pregnant While Making The Show


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