A Couple Hid Cash Inside Baby Products To Help New Parents

Published on June 20, 2021

Anyone welcoming a new baby knows that while this is a beautiful time, it is also busy, hectic, and stressful. Many new parents have the added burden of worrying about finances, and any new parents knows how terrifying worrying about money can be when you have a new bundle of joy. One California couple experienced these exact feelings, and now they are giving back to the community in order to help new parents feel a little more secure.

The Cash Was Placed In Products At Target

The Cash Was Placed In Products At Target

Krystal Duhaney and her husband decided to hide $1000 cash inside various baby products around a few Target stores around Southern California. According to ABC affiliate KABC, Duhaney wanted to help out new parents because she knows from experience how difficult the beginning of the parenting journey can be, especially when you have to worry about money.

Duhaney shared: “When we had our first baby, we struggled to make ends meet. Now that I own a successful business, I wanted to give back. We really wanted to make things a little easier. Hopefully brighten their day and hopefully inspire others to kind of, you know, spread joy and kindness.”

Duhaney is the founder of Milky Mama, which is an organization that helps mothers with breastfeeding. She and her husband posted a video of them slipping money into diaper boxes and unopened formula lids at Target.

She captioned the video: “We hope that the parents that purchase these items have a brighter day when they find our gifts.”

Krystal And Her Baby

Krystal And Her Baby

The post has gone completely viral with nearly 100,000 shares, comments, and likes, with many people sharing their responses on just how touched they were by the gesture.

One user wrote: ‘This is amazing. Thank you for giving back in this way. ” Another said: “This is beautiful! Thank you for bringing smiles to the families that will receive these gifts.”

Duhaney, a mother of two and a registered nurse, made sure to place the money in a way that did not tamper with the products.

She shared: “Diaper containers are sealed. The diapers are wrapped inside the box as well as formula. It’s not like we’re putting it in the powder. There’s a cover. So, we were very, you know, intentional and we were making sure that we paid close attention to those types of things as well, to make sure that we weren’t actually contaminating anything.”

She also said that she hopes this gesture will inspire her kids and people all around the world to spread kindness.

She And Husband Wanted To Give Back

She And Husband Wanted To Give Back


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