So Your Teen Wants To Dye Their Hair?

Published on March 13, 2022

Teenagers have a lot going on during this particularly turbulent time in their lives. They have school, social lives, and personal identities to worry about. Often, teenagers want to express themselves in ways that are less than the ideal way that a parent wants to see their child. So your teenager has decided to dye their hair blue, and you’re not exactly thrilled about it. So what should you do?

So Your Child Wants To Dye Their Hair?

So Your Child Wants To Dye Their Hair?

While you might be tempted to immediately forbid them from doing it, this might not actually be the right move. If you have a knee-jerk response, it might totally backfire, causing your teen to want to do it even more. It’s not a fun fact to face, but it is the truth.

The thing is, parents can sometimes have a hard time seeing their kids grow up and form an identity that is different from what they hoped and dreamed for their child. This dissonance can cause a lot of friction between parents and their teenagers, when in fact, the parents are just desperately trying to keep a hold on their “little baby” without seeing the young adult that is growing in front of their eyes.

Most Of The Time, They'll Grow Out Of This Phase

Most Of The Time, They’ll Grow Out Of This Phase

The fact is, this is a great opportunity to learn more about who your child is becoming and even help them explore their identities. It can be hard to realize that it is your child’s life and it’s time to start letting them have some personal liberties.

At the end of the day, hair grows back. If you fight it, your teen will likely just go and dye their hair on their own behind your back. Instead of opposing what your kid wants, maybe take it as a bonding opportunity and even an activity to do together. It could be a lot of fun and you’ll avoid unnecessary resentment.

Of course, when it comes to choices that are dangerous for your teen, you’re still in charge. However, when it comes to personal expression especially through fashion, hair, and makeup, this is the time for your child to start exploring. In most cases, teens will go through this phase and then get bored and move on. If they don’t, then you accepted their personal style from early on, and they’ll remember that in the long run.

Give Your Teen A Chance To Explore Their Personal Style

Give Your Teen A Chance To Explore Their Personal Style


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