L.L. Bean Came Up With The Best Idea For Hand-Me-Downs

Published on July 18, 2020

If you grew up with many siblings then you’re well-versed in the ways that it affects how your grow up. While it’s invaluable to grow up with so many people as a part of your tribe, there are some downsides to it as well. A huge part of growing up in a large family with multiple kids is the fact that hand-me-downs are inevitable. Some kids don’t mind hand-me-downs, but many kids feel like they’re not special because they don’t receive new items like other kids in their classes.

L.L. Bean Kids' Jacket

L.L. Bean Kids’ Jacket

You may be familiar with L.L. Bean, an American retailer that specializes in clothes and recreational outdoor equipment. While they’re known for dependable and quality clothes, there may be something you didn’t know about the tags on their garments and the fact that they’re quite literally made to be hand-me-downs.

A Reddit user found this adorable discovery and shared a snapshot of it online. Found in a kids’ jacket tag is a small “trail” that travels down and leaves multiple spots for multiple names. The tag cleverly calls this the “hand-me-down trail.”

This is a fun and adorable way to view hand-me-downs in a different light. Instead of embarrassing, now kids can feel like they’re a part of a tradition. They can feel involved by inscribing their own names on the tag until the time comes to pass down the torch to the next wearer.

Many others who saw the post were quick to share their thoughts. One user said: “And here I thought I was clever to just write the last name.” Another user shared: “I love this. It not only suggest they’re confident in the quality of the jacket but also encourages sustainability reusing clothes!” A third user jokingly shared: “kids clothes are like avocados, there is a very short amount of time that you will have an opportunity to use it.”

Hand Me Down Trail

Hand Me Down Trail

As people were quick to point out, encouraging hand-me-downs is a great sustainable option that is also cost efficient. Since L.L. Bean products are highly quality, they’re a worthy investment as you can be assured that they will last for years.

Other users have shared stories about just how long their L.L. Bean products have lasted: “I had an L.L. Bean purple kids backpack with an embroidered raccoon and my name in Pre-K. My younger sister uses it to carry art supplies to her college classes. That brand makes quality stuff that lasts.”

What do you think about the hand-me-down trail idea?