24 Pieces of Advice New Parents Hate to Hear About Sleep Training Their Child

Published on June 5, 2019
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Becoming a parent is a monumental decision and a huge moment in your life. There will be so many things that you have to learn as a parent and so many people who are going to tell you to do something else. Today we are talking about sleep training. Sleep training your child can be learned from all sorts of interactive media but we are focusing on what you are likely to hear from other parents. We’re gonna focus in on the ‘joys’ of sleep training. Listed below you’ll find 24 things that new parents hate to hear when they are sleep training their child. Do any of these ‘educational’ tips drive you crazy, as well?

“Why don’t you try…”

Ah, yes, just point us to the latest technology education lessons available that we haven’t tried. Wait, we’ve tried everything. This sort of advice isn’t the worst, that’s why it lands at #24, but it still gets grating. We’re parents. Trust us; we’ve tried everything.

Why Don't You Try..

Why Don’t You Try..

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